We can provide and install  the cutting edge of home lift technology: 

– Advanced swivel and leveling technology allows our chairs to stay perfectly level in travel and turn whilst in motion. This keeps the passenger safe and comfortable whilst ensuring a smooth ride.

– Home lifts can be installed on staircases as narrow as 610mm and as steep as 70°

– They are exceptionally compact, taking up only 340mm when folded away on the landing

– Our devices are certified to machine directive 2006/42/ec and BS EN 81-40


We offer a range of platform lifts suitable for all manner of public and private spaces including: offices, home lifts, residential, schools, hospitals and warehouses…

Platform lifts are a cost effective and energy efficient method of providing full access to a building for those with mobility challenges.

Our platform lifts can be fit into existing buildings with very little disruption to normal operation. There is no requirement for a motor room or lifting beam meaning space and building work requirements are kept to a minimum. 

All our platform lifts carry an EC declaration of conformity, are CE marked before installation and comply to the necessary health and safety machine directive requirements.